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Centurion Award – Justin

544_Justin_SchniederOf the 13 Centurions the Lodge selected, seven are for youth service and 6 are for adult service. We’ll start with the honorees for youth service. Only one recipient was selected for his service to Sasquesahanough Lodge – all others were selected for service to Tuckahoe and Susquehannock Lodges.

The recipient selected for his service to Sasquesahanaough Lodge is Justin Schneider, for his service as a member of the Lodge Executive Committee from May 2011 to March 2015.

Justin Schneider is a scout who took some time to come to his own in the Order. He began his service to the Lodge in 2009 as the Recording Secretary of Susquehannock Lodge. In 2010 this lodge would go through a merger, to become Sasquesahanough Lodge, the Lodge in which he completed his service period for which he was nominated for.

Justin initially began 2011 as the Lodge Communication Committee Chairman, but in May of 2011 he was asked to step up to become the Lodge Recording Secretary. Justin accepted his new position without question, and from this time forward to his 21st birthday he served as a member of the Lodge Executive Committee.

In 2012 and 2013 Justin was the Vice Chief of Service. During his time as Vice Chief, Justin revamped the lodge’s elagnomat program, creating the elangnomat award, which is still in use. He also helped to streamline the lodge’s ordeals, making them more manageable and giving future leaders a structure to follow, along with a mentor to talk to. Justin was also key in the creation of the lodges National Youth Leadership Training Scholarship and Philmont Lodge Advisor Training Scholarship.

The next year, 2014, Justin was elected chief of the lodge. Although Justin was Chief for just one year, he made an impact that should be felt for many years. He was the creator of the Lodge’s Google Drive Master Files, in which every officer and committee have a space to store and share files. Justin also completed a project at Hidden Valley of attaching outriggers to every tent platform in the camp, making tent set up easier for many seasons of summer camp to come.

Justin Schneider has given of himself unselfishly in his time in the Order, starting initiatives that will be in effect for many years and will be able to benefit many arrowmen. He has been a driving force in much of what has happened since the creation of the lodge, and shall continue to do so for as long as he is able to.

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