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Centurion Award – Scotty

544_Scott_DunlapOur next Centurion recipient is Scott Dunlap, for his service as a member of the Susquehannock Lodge Executive Committee and a Section officer from 2002 to 2008.

After Scotty took his ordeal on 06/02/2001, he immediately volunteered to chair the recently vacated newsletter chairman position. He held that position for two years, and continued to help with it the entire time he was involved as a youth in the lodge. Scotty became an Elangomat at the first ordeal he was eligible to attend as a member. After ten months of service, Scotty become a brotherhood member on 04/20/2002. He continued being an Elangomat at every ordeal in some capacity even when he took on higher lodge leadership positions. When the elangomat chief was not present, Scotty always took over leading the team, and coordinating projects during the ordeal.
Scotty was elected to two terms as lodge secretary starting in August 2002. Scotty was then elected as 2nd Vice Chief for the 2004 – 2005 term. This vice chief oversaw lodge events. In 2005, Scotty was elected to the position of lodge chief, a position he held for one term. He then served as Section Secretary for the 2006-2007 term. In 2007, Scotty was elected Section Vice Chief for the 2007-2008 term. In December 2007, 2007-2008 Section Chief Patrick Rooney was elected Northeast Region Chief, resulting in a vacancy in the position of Section Chief. In January 2008 Scotty was elected Section Chief for the remainder of the 2007-2008 term. Scotty became a vigil honor member in August 2005, and a Founder’s Award recipient in 2006.
While all of this is impressive, it is nothing more than what many other youth members have done over the years. What distinguishes Scotty from the rest is what he did during this time. Scotty was an inspiration to not only the youth members, but to adult members as well. While Scotty’s successors were impressive in their own right, it was Scotty who inspired them, and who laid the groundwork to make them successful. Scotty became lodge chief at a time when the lodge was having problems due to the poor leadership of past officers despite the hard work of their advisers to smooth over the rough spots. His energy, dedication, and inspiration, set the groundwork to rejuvenate the lodge. He inspired youth members to want to get involved, and to be leaders.
Scotty changed the formula for fellowships to make them more exciting, thus increasing attendance. He communicated with the lodge members regularly to inform them of events. Something past officers simply would not do. As lodge chief, he installed a plan for how dues are collected by working with the council’s commissioner staff to create a new dues collection plan. The plan involved the troop OA reps, and recharter time.
The lodge had problems moving all of the ceremony equipment from the camp compound to the ceremony grounds and back again during events and summer camp. Several youth and advisers had volunteered to head up a shed construction plan over the years to build a shed near the ceremony grounds, but no one ever came through. As lodge chief, Scotty decided to take on the project. A month later there was a shed. He arranged for donations of money, materials, workers to build the shed.

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