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Centurion Award – Wesley

 Wesley preforming trail construction work at Philmont Scout Ranch during Philbreak, March 2006

Wesley preforming trail construction work at Philmont Scout Ranch during Philbreak, March 2006

Our next Centurion recipient is Wesley Heyser, for his service as an officer from 2000 to 2005. Wesley served as Black Walnut Chapter Chief in 2000 & 2001, Tuckahoe Lodge Chief in 2002, Vice Section Chief in 2003-2004, and Section Chief in 2004-2005.

The following letter of recommendation was written by Brian Kline, Tuckahoe Lodge Adviser from 1998 to 2003:

Wes was a young man who’s maturity was beyond his age and it showed as he performed the duties of Lodge Chief. He was a very effective leader and communicator to both the youth and adults of the Lodge membership. I was somewhat surprised at the beginning of his term how much he already comprehended in regards to his knowledge and preparedness to what and where we needed to be in planning the Lodge events. In my five year term as Lodge Adviser, I never had a Lodge Chief that always seemed to be two steps ahead of me. Wes knew what I was going to suggest or had already taken care of items that were on my agenda for him to handle.
Wes also did an outstanding job in his Chapter, leading our smallest Chapter with the greatest results in regards to unit elections, camp promotions and call out ceremonies. He was the face of OA in Black Walnut District without question.
Wes represented the Lodge on the Council Executive Board during the period in which our Council embarked on a $5 million campaign to revitalize our council camp, Camp Tuckahoe, where the Lodge made a significant monetary contribution to the overall campaign under his direction.
In my opinion, Wes was a standout youth member as well as a standout Lodge Chief, a Chief who’s name would come up in conversation when talking about who some of our best youth leaders were in the Lodge.

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