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Centurion Award – Brian

Brian Kline circa 1980s

Brian Kline circa 1980s

Our next Centurion recipient is Brian Kline, for his service as an officer of Tuckahoe Lodge and Section NE-5B from 1979 to 1984.

Brian Kline joined OA in 1977. He served as 1st Vice Chief in 1979-1980, two terms as Lodge Chief in 1981 and 1982, and then two terms as Section Chief.

As a youth, Brian was a driving force in Tuckahoe Lodge. Coming from strong scouting family, he was outgoing and engaging. Brian worked well with both youth and adult members of the order. He inspired his fellow youth to become more active in the Lodge. Brian also carried the Lodge through the challenging time following the death of Lodge Adviser Dwight Chamberlain until the appointment of Rafi Sharif as the new Lodge Adviser. He also spent multiple years on summer camp staff, not just performing his paid duties as a staff member, but also spending countless hours handling all manners of Lodge business that takes place at summer camp. Brian was, and still is, an excellent representation of the ideals of the Order by demonstration of service.

While Brian was nominated on his excellent service as a youth and his record there stands on its own, his service as an adult must be mentioned as well. Brian served as Tuckahoe Lodge Adviser for five years, and then as Associate Adviser for a few years after that. He has served as Section Associate Adviser and currently serves as Section Adviser. Outside of Order of the Arrow, he has served as Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Council Training Chairman, and Woodbadge Course Director.

Brian has been recognized with the District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver Award and was York Adams Area Council’s recipient for scouting’s 100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership Award.

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