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Centurion Award – Bud March

 Clarence "Bud" March

Clarence “Bud” March

We are now into the Centurion recipients for service as a adult in the Order of the Arrow.

Our next Centurion recipients are Clarence “Bud” March and Don Fry. Bud for his service to Tuckahoe Lodge from 1955 to 2010 and Don for his service to Susquehannock Lodge from 1974 to 2010. Both continue as current members of Sasquesahanough Lodge today.

At 91, Clarence “Bud” March is almost a centurion by age. He has been a member of Order of the Arrow since 1955.

Clarence always focuses on the youth. Everything he does in the order is to offer a better experience to the youth and help them grow. Whenever an Arrowman needed a ride to an event, Clarence was there to assist. While he was active in many aspects of the Lodge, including serving as Unit Elections Adviser and Adviser to the Dinner Committee, Clarence is probably most remember for his commitment to get youth to Area Conferences, Section Conclaves, and National Conferences. He was transported youth to too many of them to count. Fellow OA members remember it because of his commitment to this task above and beyond practically all other adult advisers in the OA.

Until just a few years ago, he was still transporting youth to Conclave in his 70’s and 80’s. In a particular example, in 2001 my younger brother Wesley Heyser was a Chapter Chief, and he recruited some fellow scouts from his Troop and Chapter to go to Conclave. They needed a ride to the Conclave, and Clarence provided that ride. My brother went on to be Lodge Chief in 2002, Section Vice Chief in 2003-2004 and Section Chief in 2004-2005. I believe that his interest in running for Lodge Chief and then Section office was increased by attending that Conclave, and Clarence was an integral part of that.

Clarence was also a regular attendee at Lodge work weekends and other events. He always guided the youth to do their best, he did not do their jobs for them. He understood the meaning of “Adviser”.

Clarence is still involved today, though he has had to slow down some. You can always find him at the Lodge Banquet each year, and most years he attends Conclave, though now just for Saturday.

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