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Centurion Award – Ed Sellers

Ed Sellers

Ed Sellers

Our next Centurion recipient is Ed Sellers for his service to Susquehannock Lodge.

J. Edgar Sellers, Jr. was an unselfish man who inspired many. Ed served countless years mentoring and developing youth into team players and honored ceremonialists. He had not only helped boys learn ways to play parts, but become the parts which they played, which followed many through their years as a boy to an adult. He had shared many gifts and talents of his knowledge of the Native American customs and traditions. This gave and had given much appreciation and understanding of what is was to be part of such a great organization and adding much flavor to its true purpose.

Ed had attended countless trainings, Conclaves, NLS and NOACs and share his knowledge and know-how. He ensured it was always ran by the youth and not by the adult. We had to learn to determine what “we” needed to get the job done and to be ready for our new Brothers in our circle. Success was when we did it as. He showed us there was more to do it as a team and to bind as a brotherhood united in service with devotion.

Ed was most proud when the Lodge’s Ordeal and Brotherhood teams received First place at the 1996 NOAC. Ed was always there for us like a Father, who knew we would succeed. He was also ready to listen to us for that late night call when we had an issue or to congratulate us when we personally achieved the rank of Eagle, and when graduate from High School or College. He always there to help us through the most difficult situations. He always personally took it upon himself to fashion unique gifts of appreciation to the character of the person which were the token he had passed on to us.

Ed had always emphasized and embraced the words of our Founder of our Order, and exemplified the higher ideals of our purpose and traditions. We are to live unselfishly to those around us, and to live our lives with purpose and to always love one another as did Uncas. He had guided us to become men of honor and integrity. It’s the little things that we have that have the greatest meaning and to serve all his fellows is greatest.

When Ed had passed on, it left a mark in our lodge which cannot be explained, and it was like glue which held the binding together it took many years after his passing to fully understand and see the mark he had left. It is only those again who knew the gifts this man whose Vigil name of Iteshapa (Dirty Face) no one would know that it was a man whose face who was always dirty working unselfishly and cheerfully to grow boys into men had done his duty faithfully to the Order’s high ideals, its purpose and marked with reverence towards others beliefs and their traditions.

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