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2017 Banquet

Founder’s Award Recipients

Founder’s Award Recipients L to R – David Stark, Kyle Murry, and Matthew Spangler. James E. West Recipients Teri Silar and Michael Spangler


Lodge Chiefs of Sasquesahanough Lodge

Lodge Chiefs of Sasquesahanough Lodge L to R – Brendan Olivera, Josh Foster, Joey Mower, Justin Schneider, Justin Eberly, and Kyle Murry (Hayden Lage left before the photo was taken)

On January 14, 2017 the Lodge held the Annual Banquet at the elegant Susquehanna Club. The Program Committee would like to thank everyone who attended the event for making the banquet huge success and time enjoyed by all. If you were not fortunate enough to be able to attend the banquet, we encourage you to attend the next banquet in January, 2018. A few of the evening’s highlights follow.
Outgoing Vice Chief of Program Jim S. as usual did a bang up job as the Master of Ceremonies. Outgoing Lodge Chief Kyle Murry swore in incoming Lodge Chief Joey Mower who in turn swore in all of the officers who will serve in 2017. The Lodge trading post was set up where many members purchased Lodge apparel and other items. Live music, provided by Blythe Spirits Harp Trio consisting of harp and violin, was enjoyed as guests arrived and throughout the buffet meal. A slide show highlighting many of the Lodge activities over the past year was shown during before and during the dinner.
The James E. West Awards were presented to Michael Spangler and Teri Silar, and the Founder’s Awards were presented to Kyle Murry, Matthew Spangler, and David Stark. All recipients are very deserving of their recognition.
Brothers who attained the Vigil honor during the past year were recognized and included Hayden Lage, Connor Rudisill, Matthew M., Gregory Culp, Matthew C., Donald Kunst, and Michael Harvey. Brothers Noah R. and Travis D. who earlier received scholarships to attend the Summit Experience, the OA’s high adventure program at the Bechtel Summit, provided a report on their participation. Sasquesahanough Lodge was honored to have our very own Section Chief Nicholas Dougherty and his Advisor Scott Salvatore present with Nicholas sharing a few words of wisdom with the crowd. Of special mention is the fact that all 7 Lodge Chiefs in the history of our Lodge were in attendance. This included Joey Mower, Kyle Murry, Hayden Lage, Brendan Olivera, Justin Schneider, Joshua Foster, and Justin Eberly. Once again a wonderful buffet style meal was served by the Susquehanna Club complete with their signature apple pie! Many other nice presentations, word of wisdom and thanks, and individual and group recognitions throughout the evening occurred which are too numerous to mention herein. Our lodge is truly blessed to have so many dedicated youth and adults in our membership.
Although the Program Committee is a little biased, the highlight’s of the evening was the silent auction ran by our own Chuck Hawkes. Due to Chuck’s hard work, dedication and perseverance, the silent auction raised $1,012 which has increased the coffers of the Lodge’s Scholarship Fund which is used to send youth participants from our Lodge to conferences and training across the country. As successful as the silent auction continues to be, it would not be so without both the generous donors of items as well as those at the auction who bid on and purchase the items. Program Committee sincerely thanks all who donated and purchased items and implores all brothers to start looking now at selecting items to be donated for the next silent auction.

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