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Spring Fellowship

Brothers we started arriving Friday evening kicking off the event. We had games being played around the dining hall. Some of our brothers headed off to the gaming lounge. At 9 PM Vice Chief of Program Alexander LaVerdiere welcomed everyone to the event with a list of weekend events. Then we had Cracker Barrel and some stayed for a movie in the dining hall, “Escape from Alcatraz”. Then we kicked off Saturday morning with a whole day of events planned. At breakfast we started with sign ups for The Escape Room with teams of 2 or 4. Doors opened at 9:30 AM continued until 4:30 PM. The morning was left opened for games in the dining hall or in the gaming lounge. Special Congratulations to 9 brothers who earned brotherhood. After lunch there was a Basketball tournament close game 14 to 15 Congratulations to Hardcore Epic Gamer’s for winning. After the game we had a service project cleaning up some down trees near the ceremonious grounds. Thank you to all who took time out of their day. After dinner that evening we had a maze in the pavilion with others still participating in games. Along with Trivia, 6 teams played until it came down to K.C. Crush and The Dream Team. Prizes were handed out to the fastest Escape Room time and to the Trivia event.

The winners were!

Escape Room – The Rejects with a time of 16 minutes 37 seconds. Great job

Trivia winner – The Dream Team. Well played.

To wrap up the day there was a movie “Race to Witch Mountain” with Dwayne Johnson.

After a full fun exciting and exhausting weekend Vice Chief of Program Alexander LaVerdiere is already planning on the Fall Fellowship. The Theme is Battle of the Titan’s.

As always thank you to all Kitchen staff for great food and hard work.

Thank you to all those who brought and shared games with other members.

Please plan on attending Induction weekends and see the new and exciting changes to come.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who attended we look forward to more members joining us in the fall.

Thank you

Alexander LaVerdiere Vice Chief of Program

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