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Staff Needed for Conclave

Sasquesahanough Lodge is hosting Conclave the weekend of June 3-5, 2022, at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation.

What is a Conclave you may ask! Conclave is much like a District Camporee, but our guests will be the four other Lodges in our Section.

This is the first in-person Conclave since 2019. WE NEED YOUR HELP! There are two ways to help the Lodge pull off a spectacular event for Conclave 2022. The first is by signing up to be a Member of the Contingent, and two is by serving on Staff. Being a Member of the Contingent means you will participate in all the activities as if our Lodge were going to another camp as guests. Signing up as Staff means you will help us execute the program, be a guide to our visiting Lodges, and help our lodge host the BEST CONCLAVE ever seen!

The theme for this event is The Quest for True Brotherhood. For those who attended Rendezvous 2021, you will see some of the same events, but on a much different level. Our program will be geared for those youth in the Order of the Arrow. Our camp will be divided into Three Kingdoms, as we will have The Kingdom of Norse, The Kingdom of England, and the Kingdom of Scotland.

If you already know where you want to fit into this event, you can sign up at OA – 2022 Conclave Registration ( The Event registration fee for all members is $50.00. This is an event that will be full of fun and adventure for everyone.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Maxwell Iacono Teri Ann Silar
Conclave Youth Chair Conclave Adviser

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