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Northeast Region Section Chiefs

January 2017 Regional and National OA News Update

From the National Committee meeting, the following were topics of interest.

  • Operation Arrow, supporting our National Jamboree, is our program of emphasis this year. We are still recruiting both youth and adult staff for this event. Please continue to promote this opportunity to your lodges. The OA will be taking good care of our staff, it’ll be a great opportunity. I will be supporting Jamboree Communications this year, so will be looking forward to interacting with our members at the Summit!   
  • The OA will support an American Indian Seminar at Philmont this summer, June 6-10 for 300-500 participants (not limited to the OA). Watch for details on standard OA media.
  • The OA has rolled out a business plan, which will take the place of our strategic plan that was aging out this year. It takes effect immediately. The Business Plan is not a mandate to lodges or sections, but is intended to be a plan for the National organization, which may drive new initiatives that do affect local organizations. Core pillars include Leadership development, Branding & Identity, financial stewardship, membership sustainment, and “reaching our audience”.
  • The Order of the Arrow approved an official Arrow of Light ceremony and Crossover/cub ceremony. These will be the only ceremonies supported by the OA, and should be put into use immediately.
  • Ceremonies manuals will be updated to include some common sense additions. In particular, notes on fire-bans/alternatives to fires, 2 deep leadership in all cases, and a number of new updates to the Vigil ceremony pamphlet to clarify and provide ideas to make the ceremonies more impactful. Let me know if you’d like details.
  • The Lodge Leadership Development program is in the process of being retooled. LLD should be significantly updated in time for a summit at Philmont in June. Look for full rollout next year at this time.
  • OA High Adventure programs have difficulty filling in a Jamboree year. Please continue to promote your scholarship programs and opportunities in your Sections/regions. Currently, programs are 25% full.
  • There will be a National Lodge and Section Adviser Symposium June 18-24 at Philmont. Registration should be limited to Section Advisers/Associates, and Lodge Advisers/Associate advisers. Details in the Lodge program packet.
  • Please continue to support the LINK program in your Sections.
  • 2018 NOAC will enforce a 3:1 youth:adult quota. Registration will open in October.
  • The OA Handbook is in the process of being updated with a complete overhaul to a book that has largely remained unchanged in 40 years. Look for big changes. We saw a draft copy, it is nice.
  • The OA has partnered with the National Park Service, and has a memorandum of understanding in place. Let me know if you’d like details.
  • NLS/DYLC registration will utilize the National event registration system this year. Look for details for these Northeast Region courses later in January.
  • A resolution was passed to change wording of lodge flap tailoring to reflect level (ordeal, brotherhood, vigil). Now stated as “discouraged” rather then “prohibited”.

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