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2022 Lodge Dues

The schedule of Lodge Dues is changing. The dues year will now run June 1 to May 31. Therefore, all members who paid 2021 dues will be considered dues paid Lodge members until May 31, 2022. We will start accepting 2022 dues in April 2022, and the late fee will go into effect June 1.

The reason for this change is that it is required that dues paid OA members are registered members of the BSA. Each year we send dues notices to many OA members who are no longer registered members of the BSA in January and February, as we are unable to check if they are BSA registered for the new year until all the unit charters are finalized. As a result, a number of them mistakenly pay OA dues. This then requires additional work by the Lodge Officers and Advisers to contact these members and either have them register with the BSA, or refund their dues and remove them from the Lodge roster.

Once unit charters are finalized at the end of March, the Lodge can cross-check OA members with BSA registration using automated tools within the Lodgemaster software, allowing us to then send OA dues notices only to members that are registered with the BSA.

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